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Ceramic Metal Halide & LED Specialists

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) is a huge step forward in the world of 21st century horticulture. Compared to old 1970’s High Pressure Sodium lighting, Ceramic Metal Halide technology represents a massive evolution in how we grow plants in the modern day. All of our CMH systems far outperform old-school technology in almost every way: higher PAR output, better efficiency, wider spectral range, lower power requirement & lower heat generation too!

Solis Tek High PAR CMH lamp

Here at 315w-CMH.com we are the first ever Ceramic Metal Halide & LED specialist retail website, to celebrate and showcase this fantastic, groundbreaking, new technology – exclusively.

These high frequency, high-output, low-power, low-heat CMH lighting systems, offer unrivalled PAR (usable light) figures, compared to old-school HPS set-ups. And can provide far superior gram per watt figures, yet with less energy consumption and at considerably lower grow-room temperatures.

With Ceramic Metal Halide systems your plants not only get to enjoy far more usable light, across a much more complete and natural spectral range: but with lower heat to contend with as well – your whole grow-room environment is vastly improved. This means less stress for grower and plants alike, and dramatically reduces the need for elaborate & expensive air-cooled reflectors, or other cooling solutions.

How does it work?? New CMH metal halide lamps feature an arc tube, which is constructed from ceramic composite. This is designed to emit a much broader spectrum of light, than previous quartz-based technologies, and doesn’t waste anywhere near as much energy on unusable light, or often the indoor grower’s worst enemy – HEAT.

So, no longer do you need massive wattage’s to ensure your plant canopy is lush and fast growing. With CMH / CDM lighting here at 315w-cmh.com, plants will mature more quickly and to a higher quality too, as Ceramic Metal Halide technology provides them with more of the light they need, at every stage of the grow.

Far superior spectral output, from CMH vs other horticultural lighting

Reports from Professional growers, using Ceramic Metal Halide technology – are easily found online. Where 315w Ceramic Metal Halide technology, can even be found to have to achieves similar yields to modern Digital 1000w HPS systems! Yet at a third of the power requirement and with up to 10 degree’s ambient heat differential too.

And with the advent of new 630w CMH technology – there is little doubt within the growing community, that Ceramic Metal Halide systems are the future of 21st century horticulture.

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