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Lumatek Intelligent Ceramic Metal Halide systems are at the very forefront of modern horticultural lighting technology. These super-high output, ultra reliable, dimmable CMH grow systems represent the culmination of many years of development & are available here first, at

Lumatek intelligent CMH systems can be controlled independently using the dimming function on the ballast. Or new for 2018, Lumatek Intelligent CMH Ballasts can be run via the new Lumatek Intelligent Lighting Control Panel (see right). These highly intelligent control units, can operate 2 different areas / grow rooms, of up to 200 lighting systems each.


Our new Lumatek Intelligent Control Panel will automatically ensure your grow room temperatures, lighting cycles and power levels – are all monitored digitally to adhere to the independent specification for each room.

Lumatek Ceramic Metal Halide Grow systems, feature ultra reliable, dimmable 315w & 630w D/e CMH ballasts.  As well as Super high PAR output, Ceramic Metal Halide Daylight & Flowering lamps & world-class ultra-high shine advanced reflectors.

So whatever the scale of your grow: Lumatek Ceramic Metal Halide CMH systems are among the most reliable, high output and best value for money CMH horticultural lighting systems available today.

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