Lumatek Digital Heavy Duty Horticultural Timer ( UK or EU Spec)


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This high quality, Lumatek Digital heavy duty timer is built specifically for horticultural lighting. Where normal household timers are not built to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts, these great timers can be used safely and offer far higher reliability.

As many growers know; a normal timer – if used with an HID ballast; may overheat and quickly become unreliable. Resulting in a broken timer as well as causing disruption to your photo-period. The Lumatek Digital Timer is designed to take these high loads and means that no separate contractor is required, it will not fail like old fashioned segmented timers.

Features: 24 hour timer 15 Minute timing intervals 96 Switching Operations For CFL and / or HID 13A 220/240v Safety Certificated up to 600w Magnetic or 1000w Digital Ballasts



NEW Lumatek Intelligent Ceramic Metal Halide systems are at the very forefront of modern horticultural lighting technology. Our Lumatek CMH range features high output, ultra reliable and top quality Ceramic Metal Halide components and designs. Some of which are fully controllable, meaning you can operate one or several hundred Lumatek dimmable CMH grow systems, just by using a single control panel. So whether yours is a large scale, commercial enterprise, or an artisan / hobby grow: Our Lumatek Ceramic Metal Halide range is the perfect choice for your mew CMH lighting system.

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