Lumii Solar 630w CDM System 910k, 3100k or 4100k lamp selection


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Lumii Solar Ceramic Metal Halide 630w CDM Full Fixture



Lumii Solar Ceramic Metal Halide 630w CDM Full Fixture

Welcome to the CDM revolution. We at Mr Hydro are proud to be among the first to bring you the brand new Lumii 630w CDM system, these superb grow lights use the same power of a standard 600w HPS system, yet deliver far, far superior results. Our new Solar Full fixture CDM systems feature Lumii’s superb 4100k, 3100k, or 910k lamps (or email  us for any combination you wish) which use original Philips CDM components, yet at a fraction of the cost of the Philips lamps.

Not only are temperatures and energy consumption dramatically reduced, but there is far more usable light from our Lumii 315w ceramic discharge metal halide lamps then ever available to growers before. So instead of wasting energy on high temperatures and unusable HPS spectra – these systems utilise the new, more effective PAR of CDM technology.

You can even switch the system between one and two lamps running, making this a hugely versatile, high output high PAR system.

Lower temperatures – More usable light per watt – Lower energy usage – Great results!

2 x inbuilt High Output 315w CDM Ballasts
1 x double lamp fitting
Built In High Shine Reflector IEC power lead
2 x Lumii 4200k, 3200k or 910k
(veg, flowering & all spectrum) CDM lamps worth £74.99 each



LUMii is a range of quality lighting products, primarily for indoor horticultural use. The range has been designed by growers, for growers and is packed with unique features to make your life easier and at the same time allow your crops to flourish. Our LUMii lighting range delivers safety, performance and quality throughout.

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Weight 10 kg
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3100k Flower, 4100k Veg, 910k Full Spectrum, Both lamps please

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