Philips 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Elite Agro 930k Flowering Lamp


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Philips CMH 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Elite Agro 930k CDM Grow Lamp


Philips CMH 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Greenpower Elite Agro 930k Grow Lamp


Philips 315w& Green Power Elite Agro Grow Lamps are renown for being some of the very best Ceramic Metal Halide 315w CDM bulbs in the world.


These superb Philips CMH Elite CMH lamps, are for use with 315w Ceramic Metal Halide ballasts and provide outstanding PAR output, versus conventional HPS or  LED horticultural lighting. Or even vs budget 315w CMH lamps.


The Philips Elite Agro 930k, is a 3000k coluour temp CDM lamp…which equates to a full spectrum ceramic metal halide lamp, engineered towards the red end of the spectrum. This makes these lamps perfect for flowering…but can be used as an all rounder. (particularly if supplemented with the blue-end focused, Green Power Elite)


  • Crisp, white light with excellent colour rendering (Ra 90)
  • High efficiency / lower energy consumption
  • Full spectrum grow lamp with added red
  • Excellent colour quality and consistent output



Philips 315w Ceramic metal Halide
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