SolisTek 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 4200k Lamp


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SolisTek 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 4200k Lamp


SolisTek 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 4200k Lamp

The Solis Tek 4200k 315w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) low heat, high energy, full spectrum lamp, is designed for Solis Tek Ceramic Metal Halide fixtures, to achieve incredible high PAR output.

These amazing vegetative lamps from Solis Tek, represent some of the finest usable light outputs, in the whole world of horticultural lighting. As you can see on the left, the Solistek 4200k CMH Ceramic Metal Halide lamp, has a full range of UV red and blue spectra and gives off a far higher usable light level, than ever seen before in old school HPS and MH UV lighting.

These lamps really will make a huge difference to your plant canopy, final yield and harvest quality.

– Superior Photochemical Reactions
– Advanced Lamp Design
– Lamps designed by biologists for plants
– Best Sunlight Replication
– Designed for Commercial Applications
– Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield


Solis Tek

SolisTek is proud to offer an extensive line of Ceramic Metal Halide lighting equipment & accessories to help achieve higher yields and maximize quality. SolisTek products are as standard, equipped with a variety of industry-leading technology & world class innovation, that elevate our product ranges far above other industry brands.
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